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Accountant (Arcadia, CA)


An Accountant is sought by an independent Escrow company located in Arcadia, CA to perform the following duties:


  1. Assist in Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable;

  2. Assist in Bank Reconciliation for Trust and Operating Accounts;

  3. Assist with audit;

  4. Assist in keeping Trust Account in according to state laws and regulations;

  5. Assist in auditing escrow files to ensure funds are properly calculated;

  6. Assist in auditing escrow files to ensure that titles and encumbrances have been satisfied;

  7. Assist in auditing escrow files to ensure loan documents have been executed properly;

  8. Assist in auditing escrow files to ensure HUD statements;

  9. Assist in providing monthly production reports to owner for review;

  10. Prepare Open/Close escrow paperwork and procedure;

  11. Review documents for completeness and accuracy;

  12. Assist in signing escrow paperwork, loan documents and etc. with clients;

  13. Package loan documents, balance file, and send/receive loan package from lender;

  14. Assist with office/officer phone calls and communications;

  15. Assist as necessary in all other Olympus Escrow business matters.


Minimum Requirements:


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with major in Accounting;

  2. Demonstrated problem solving, multi-tasking skills, strong verbal and written communication skills;

  3. Strong analytical and quantitative problem-solving skills.



Apply to Olympus Escrow Corporation

137 E Huntington Drive, Arcadia, CA 91006

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